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January 19, 2016 Update:

The AlexandersGermanRestaurant.com website
will no longer be available within the next few weeks.

February 12, 2014 Update:

The German Deli and Bar is open 5 pm - 12 midnight, seven days a week.


To all our guests:

December 2012

You may or may not be aware that Chef Hansel has been dealing with serious health issues for quite some time now. Increasingly it has been more difficult to produce and serve the foods many of you have come to enjoy and return for, and tell your friends about.

In light of this, Hansel is stepping aside and leaving Alexander's. He regrets not being here for the many loyal guests and friends that have supported us, some from the beginning, and not having the pleasure to serve those considering coming here for the first time.

With a degree of sadness, but many thanks,

An Update on Gift Certificates:

Any persons with unused gift certificates for Alexander's German Restaurant may redeem them by contacting us via mail. The following are the address and procedure:

• Send a copy of your gift certificate, for verification, to:
      Alexander's German Restaurant
      11 Deysher Road
      Fleetwood, PA 19522

• Include your name and address; we will send a refund to your address and remove your gift certificate from our list.

Thank you. We apologize for any inconvenience,


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